What you should eat in Japan? Written by Japanese

I want to share the place to eat in Japan when you guys come to Japan  for traveling.

For Japanese, Eating is very very very important to make our life better. ( Of course, I know it is also important for other country people too LoL)

But, Japanese always talk first about the Food or Meals when they share the experience about travel.


A : Oh, I went to Europe at last Summer Vacation.

B: So nice, What did you eat? Is their country food delicious ?

Most of talk is delicious or not, like that. Of course we talk about how beautiful was it or how nice museum. BUT , we start from what did you eat(WDYE)…. (very important phrase lol)

So let’s see the food or shops or drinks.

First start from popular foods and normal one…


There is a lot of Ramen Shop…. many many many in Japan, especially in Tokyo.

We(maybe part of Japanese) LOVE Ramen.

There is so many variations of ramen. Most Popular is Syo-yu(Soy source) , Tonkotsu (Pork-born), Miso, Shio(Salt) Ramen. Most of ramen shop has those ramen, except for the characteristic Ramen shop.

Not only that, like below there is a bit characteristic Ramen. I recommend you guys to try. Might be not delicious for you guys, but try it.

  • Yokohama-Iekei-Ramen
  • Jiro-Ramen
  • Sapporo-Ramen
  • Hakata-Ramen
  • Nagasaki-Chanpon

You should check Ramen list in wikipedia

BUT, you should care about the “SIPPING NOISE”. For our culture, that behavior is not rude style .

If you care about it, you shouldn’t go to Noodle Store in Japan…. sadly….


This is kind of Ramen. But not in soup. you dip into the soup and eat it. I love it.

I don’t know why, but most tsukemen is same value even if you change the size like small one to large one. (並盛り : Normal 大盛り: Large 特盛り: Largest). Of course I choose the largest one ;). Please be careful to order the largest if you can’t eat. It is bad manner to leave food.


SUSHI!!!! You know. Maybe one of the most famous foods(?). Sushi is cuisine?

I LOVE IT. And you can try many fresh fish in Japan. There is a lot store like Ramen.

You can eat with hand, but most of Japanese eat with chopsticks.

Dip a little in soy source and EAT!

I think some people doesn’t like WASABI, then you just tell them in advance when you order.

Some people eat Gari(ginger). Try it after you eat sushi to adjust(?) in your mouth.

Kaiten Sushi

This might be interesting one. I recommend to go with your family (with child).

Sushi will turn around on the rail.

Cited from http://www.yunphoto.net/jp/photobase/yp11968.html

These Kaiten Sushi is often said that those are not delicious(cause fish is put on the dish all the way until someone pick….) and very cheap.It’s true, but not so much bad. If you just to want to try, go ahead. One dish only cost 100 yen (If you go to good store it will cost 700 ~ 1500 yen per one sushi).


You can order without using Rotating Sushi… But might not be interesting.


We eat rice + SOMETHING a lot . We call those food どん(丼)(Don).

Kaisen-don is rice + fish.

Like sushi , you can eat Kaisen-don. I love it too.


I will recommend to try this. This is so yummy with Beer or Some Drinks.

Many people go to Yakitori after work.

This is just the chicken with skewer. Good Yakitori store will burn in front of you.

A lot of taste and parts to eat. So you become full if you eat all of those things.


I LOVE IT TON-KATSU TOOOOOOOO ( Sorry I love many Japanese food…)

With rice, Supre nice! 🙂

It is a breaded deep-fried pork . Bit Fatty, but you might be addicted .

Often there is cabbage too. Because of fatty?



It’s popular and cheap. You can eat it around 500 yen or so. Many Single Man eat after work.(Not only man…).

It is very usual set of dish. Beef + Rice  + Miso Soup.

There is  some famous cheap store like Matsu-ya, Yoshino-ya. Very popular food, but I don’t think in other country there is not so much Japanese Dishes.



I thinks Tenpura is famous abroad. Tenpura is a little bit expensive. If you go to Ginza or something like those place, you may see a very expensive Tenpura shop. I think a  good Japanese traditional store become very expensive  like sushi, tenpura and so on.

You can eat cheap one when you go to cheap Soba/Udon Store. In Soba Store, it is popular to eat with Soba or Udon.


Udon is another noodle. (There is a lot noodle foods in Japan like ramen, tantan-men, udon , soba and so on)

Udon is most popular in Shikoku Region (especially in Kagawa). In Kagawa, there is so many Udon Store and you can eat it in the morning too (at 8:00 or so).

When I travel to Kagawa, I went 8 store in one day. So hard. you shouldn’t…

You should try once.

There is a cheap but delicious store, “はなまるうどん(Hanamaru udon)” or “丸亀製麺(Marukame Seimen)”. You should start from these store.


The food name is Burned Red Snapper in English. BUT it is nothing to do with fish.

Just the shape is fish. There is bean-jam inside no fish inside. But it is good snacks to eat around. It is very sweat. So you should drink Green Tea to suppress the sweaty..


Anothre noodle. Good to eat in Summer I think. Not so much variation. But I don’t think you can eat in other country


Some People might have allergy. So you should be carefull.




This is very similar to Ramen. But no soup. So they say it is more healthy than Ramen. But I don’t know whether it is true or not.


Famous. It includes Tako (octopus) . Not like Tai-yaki LoL.


Gyo-za is also loved in Japan. The original Gyo-za was developed in China, but like other imported food, Gyo-za evoluted as Japanese Style.



I don’t want share this information… Because it is already so expensive… If this came popular, more and more it will become expensive… so tasty….

Unagi  means eel. This is often eaten in Summer. ( mainly on 7/21)

Everyone love it …..

Other Foods

Jirou Rame or Rame inspired by Jirou

Some people call it like pig foods, but some Japanese is addicted to this Ramen. It seems to be very unhealthy and I heard people those who eat this kind of ramen everyday is hospitalized … ( but the patient still keep going out to eat Jiro Ramen secretly 🙁  )

Of course I’m addicted tooooo.


Japanese Curry is perfectly different from the original India’s Curry.

So you should try Japanese-Tasted Curry if you have time 😉


I share the famous Japanese food. But there is a lot more characteristic foods in Japan.

I really hope you guys enjoy Japanese foods, Eating is Life.

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